Cenote Yokdzonot

Roots and vines from the verdant jungle hang into the brilliant blue waters of this sinkhole.


With a diameter of 40 meters, Cenote Yokdzonot is one of the largest in the Yucatan. Surrounded by lush jungle, the roots of ancient trees hang over the 18-meter-high walls of this “open” cenote, creating a waterfall of wood. Unlike many cenotes, the area around Yokdzonot hasn’t been built up. Rather, two women from the local community laid each stone in the walking path and cut the wooden railings by hand to preserve the site’s natural beauty. They only buildings here are the palapa-roofed bathrooms and a small restaurant cooking traditional local food. As usual with cenotes, don’t use sunblock or bug repellent before getting in the water!


Local time6:55 PM CDT
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