Cenote Maya Park

The largest dome in the Yucatan brings together adventure and culture.

Cenote Maya Park Beyond Wonder-Dome

At nearly 20 meters tall and 60 meters in diameter, the Cenote Maya is the largest dome in the entire Yucatan Peninsula. From an opening in the dome, a staircase leads down to the swimming platform and the cenote’s cool refreshing waters. But this isn’t the only way to descend to the watery depths - you can also free rappel into the cave. The Cenote Maya is so large that it has its own underground zipline, “Tarzan” ropes, and there’s enough room to kayak around the cavern! Once you’re done with the watery adventures, a Shaman will lead you through an authentic Mayan blessing ceremony, and a buffet lunch will let you try some traditional Mayan dishes.

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