With one of Sicily’s finest beaches, and a UNESCO-listed cathedral, this picturesque medieval village is a coastal jewel.

CefaluThe King of the Coast

Founded by the ancient Greeks, Cefalu was originally an agricultural settlement. In the 12th century, King Roger II of Sicily shaped the town as it stands today, having it moved to the shore to take advantage of the excellent harbour, and had the Byzantine-style cathedral built. Today, the cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that preserves the town’s unique Byzantine, Arabic, and Christian heritage be combining all three styles in its beautiful mosaics and elegant architecture. After admiring the cathedral, visitors can work their way down through the medieval alleys to the picturesque harbour. En route are several historic landmarks, such as a 16th century bath house, and part of a huge 13th-century palace. In the Museo Mandralisca, a relatively small collection showcases the town’s rich history through artefacts like a 4th century BC vase decorated with a fishmonger chopping a tuna.

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