Cathedral of Siguenza

The fortress-like facade of Sigüenza's cathedral alludes to its origins as a local power-play between bishops, while ornamentation added later speaks to its status.


The construction of the cathedral began in the 12th century and was finished in the late 15th century. Siguenza originally had a wall for the city, but that was deconstructed to accommodate the extension of the cathedral. The cathedral exterior is a model of church-fortress architecture, an exceptional monument due to its size and distinction, outstanding due both to its religious category and its architectural importance. Romanesque, neoclassical, and baroque portals from the south and west side of the cathedral have robust medieval military style towers. Courtyards and gardens surrounding the cathedral make it independent from the rest of the city, creating a time portal back to the 15th century.


Local time5:37 PM GMT+2
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