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Cathedral Caverns State Park

Discover some of the most amazing cave formations in the world beneath the Alabama hills.

Cathedral Caverns State ParkCavey and Goliath

If the name doesn’t give you a hint about the size and grandeur of the Cathedral Caverns, the entrance sure will. At 126 feet wide and 25 feet high, it might just be the largest commercial cave mouth in the world. After stepping through the threshold on a guided tour, you’ll be led into an underground world filled with strange and beautiful formations. There’s “Goliath”, one of the largest stalagmites in the world at 45 feet tall and 243 feet in circumference, a flowstone "waterfall" 32 feet tall and 135 feet long, and a stalagmite that is 27 feet tall and 3 inches wide that rises at a 45-degree angle! And you don’t even have to crawl through the belly of the earth to see them. It’s just a leisurely stroll along a paved pathway. The caverns are a cool 60 degrees year-round, making them a great place to beat the summer heat.

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