Czech Republic

Castle Veltrusy

The decadent Summer palace of one of Bohemia’s most established noble families is nothing short of breathtaking.

Castle VeltrusyStar of Bohemia

Built in the early 18th centuries by the Chotek family, one of the oldest noble families in Bohemia, this star-shaped chateau is one of the most remarkable examples of high Baroque style in the region. Though it was only intended as a summer palace, the utmost attention was paid to every detail, inside and out. Famous for its gardens, the the chateau’s landscape park was designed to create the maximum degree of beauty, and contains the noble version of lawn decorations - garden edifices, including an Egyptian bridge and a Gothic watermill. A tour of the rich interior bring visitors through luxurious rooms with some unique features, such as the dome-topped rotunda, a monumental staircase, and the sala terrena, painted with hunting scenes and scenes from the commedia dell'arte. Please note the museum is closed on Mondays.

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