Castle Thun

This medieval castle was meticulously restored, right down to the original furnishings.

Castle Thun Cool and Collected

First built in the mid-13th century, it served as the seat of the Thun family until it was purchased by the local government in 1992. The government painstakingly restored the castle, including tracking down its original furnishings. Part noble residence, part military fortification, the castle has a sophisticated defensive system with strong towers, solid walls and a drawbridge. Inside is a stunning courtyard, which gives access to the palace - the oldest part of the castle. Visitors can tour many of its luxuriously furnished halls, such as the Bishop's room, which is entirely lined with Cimbrian wood and once inhabited by Prince-Bishop Sigismondo Alfonso Thun. The walls of the Room of the Dead are still blackened from candles lit during the funeral vigils. The castle's chapel houses German-school frescoes dating back to the 15th century.

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