Castle Batiaz

Take a step back in time with a hike or train ride up to this well-preserved castle on the hill

Castle Batiaz Castle on the crag

Built in 1260, this Medieval Swiss Chateau rises up from the rocky mountaintop over the town of Martigny. It is the only remaining symbol of medieval era history in this area. This imposing figure towers over the Rhone Valley below, visible to travellers arriving from all directions. Only open from May-October from Wednesday-Sunday, this castle offers a unique seasonal opportunity to see the greenery of the surrounding mountains and valley. Take this chance to stretch your legs with a gradual 2-mile hike through vineyards to reach its summit, or take a train from the town center, for spectacular views in every direction. While there, tour the courtyard, large hall, chapel, and tower to see a well-preserved castle from this era. Don’t miss the chance to visit the on-site medieval tavern for an authentic meal, or pack a picnic to enjoy on the grounds. As stop here will certainly provide a peaceful mountain respite from your journey.

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