Castello Manfredonico

One of Sicily’s most dramatic and well-preserved medieval castles is surrounded by stories of tragedy and neglect.

Castello ManfredonicoA Rocky History

Castello Manfredonico, also known as Mussomeli castle, was built atop a tall rocky spur between the 14th and 15th centuries. In 1391, the castle’s owner Andrea Chiaramonte had serious problems with Queen Mary, and was executed the following year, and his properties were confiscated. Over the following centuries, the castle was only sporadically inhabited, finally being abandoned in the 17th century. For centuries, the castle’s dramatic beauty has earned it recognition in Sicily and abroad, even catching the eye of Kaiser Wilhelm II. The castle’s rugged construction and sparse interiors are accented by fine Gothic decorations like carved capitals, medieval frescoes, and several ghost stories.

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