Carini Castle

This striking Gothic castle is renowned for its stunning interiors, and for its Baroness, who was murdered here by her own father.

Carini CastleA Tragic Beauty

Carini Castle was built as a small and simple stronghold in 1094. The easily defensible position made it a favourite of Sicily’s ruling princes, who rebuilt and refined the structure over the centuries, culminating in the 15th century Catalan Baroque style seen today. Carini Castle is engrained in Sicilian history, as in the 16th century, its Baroness was murdered by her father for having taken on a lover. This tragic ‘honor killing’ (a practice not outlawed until the 19th century) inspired one of the island’s finest poems. Along with providing stunning views of the coast, the castle is filled with striking artwork and craftsmanship, notably the former Food Hall, which was transformed into a library, and the Festival Hall with its exceptional Catalan Gothic coffered wood ceiling. The castle’s chapel is filled with 17th century frescoes, and houses a beautiful 17th century tabernacle.

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