Campo Maria Lake

Paraguay’s most ecologically diverse region sees dry and humid environments meet wetlands that change their nature throughout the year.


Paraguay has recently ramped up its investment into its natural wilderness. The Chaco region has been devastated by deforestation and the logging industry, Campo Maria Lake is the country’s response to these challenges. Providing a responsible and conscientious approach to ecotourism, the salty lakes and lagoons of Campo Maria offer a huge variety of flora and fauna to view in an idyllic setting. Flamingos, Tapirs, Armadillos and Pumas along with countless other species make their homes among these gorgeous marshlands. While not all animals can be seen all year, the largest variety can be seen in September and October, which would be the best time to visit. The lakes and lagoons themselves periodically rotate between freshwater and saltwater adding to the dynamic nature of the area and offer gorgeous views all year round, so no matter when you are visiting, Campo Maria Lake is an excellent option for the ecologically-conscious wilderness adventurer.


Local time4:05 PM GMT-4
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