This UNESCO World Heritage Site preserves one of the most powerful Mayan cities, and one of the world’s most important biological hotspots.


Between 500 BC and 900 AD, Calakmul was a superpower, helping shape Mayan culture in the region through its influence over an estimated 1.5 million people. When it collapsed in the 10th century, so too did the entire culture, and in the centuries that followed, the area has remained essentially depopulated. Today, the ruins are thought to include more structures than any other Maya settlement in the region, though it’s the central plaza that steals the show. Here, a large hilltop pyramid stands next to the 47-meter-tall “Structure 2” - the tallest structure in the country and one of the largest Mayan pyramids. The ruins of Calakmul sit within one of the world’s largest biodiversity hotspots, which adds an extra element of adventure to a visit. You’ll likely see several of the area's 350 bird species while walking the grounds, and from atop the pyramids, nothing but forest.


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