Cacaxtla-Xochitecatl Archeological Site

This archaeological site boasts ancient tombs, impressive murals and strange artefacts.

Cacaxtla-Xochitecatl Archeological SiteIndiana Jonesing for History

Tombs and artifacts left by the Olmeca-Xicalanca people now reside in the Cacaxtla-Xochitecatl archeological sites. Located just south of the border of Tlaxcala, these sites have an impressive inventory of artifacts from 650-900 CE. Cacaxtla was sprawling a palace during it’s time, but now archaeologists have discovered the The Gran Basamento which is covered with ancient paintings, still with vibrant reds, blues, yellows, blacks, and whites. Some of the most famous being the Battle Mural and the murals depicted in the Venus Temple, but there are many more to see! Xochitecatl is a ceremonial complex where figurines revolving around the cycle of women, as well as burial sites for children and other community members. Discover the many rooms and tombs in this incredible archaeological site, fit for Indiana Jones.

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