Buchan Caves

Filled with water and flowstones, this stunning cave system is the largest in Victoria.


Stretching for between 3 and 4 kilometres with six entrances, the Buchan Caves are the largest cave system in Victoria. After being discovered (by Europeans) in 1907, the caves immediately became a tourist attraction. And even just from a picture, it's easy to see why: the passageways and chambers are brimming with formations like stalactites, stalagmites, curtains and pools. You have your choice of two different cave tours. The Royal Cave is "wetter" with calcite-rimmed pools and prehistoric fossils. The Fairy Cave (currently closed due to bushfire damage) is famous for its elaborate stalactites and stalagmites, most notably, the "Wedding Cake". In either (or both) you'll learn about how the caves formed over the course of 400,000,000 years. If you'd like to visit both caves, please add an hour to your stop. Guided tours should be booked in advance at


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