With canals and bridges and cobbled streets and churches and swans, this historic, UNESCO-listed town is everybody’s thing.

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The former capital of Flanders, Bruges was one of the most culturally and economically advanced cities in Medieval Europe. This port city was home to the world’s first stock exchange, and in the 15th century, nobles, exiled kings, and some of the world’s best painters and weavers. Miraculously, Bruges survived World War I and II essentially unscathed, meaning that it looks today much as it did centuries ago. While the swan-filled canals, cobbled streets and medieval stone buildings are reason enough to visit, the UNESCO-listed town center also has some unmissable landmarks. Most famous is the 13th century belfry, which provides the best view of the town. At the 15th century Jerusalem's Church, you’ll find an unusual skull-themed altarpiece, while the Church of Our Lady is famed for its 'Madonna with child' sculpture by Michelangelo. Art-lovers won’t want to miss the Groeningemuseum, where you’ll find works by everyone from Jan Van Eyck to René Magritte.

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