Today’s exciting and dynamic capital of Slovakia is steeped in the history and influence of the Romans, the Celts, and the Slavs and is well-known for its role in Jewish history

Bratislava A city that feels like a town

Following the dissolution of Czechoslovakia at the end of 1992, Bratislava became the capital of the new Slovak Republic and immediately began to transform itself into the popular metropolis that it is today. The city undeniably justifies its position as the political, cultural and economic center of Slovakia and is home to numerous theaters, museums, galleries, concert halls, cinemas, and foreign cultural institutions. History and culture lovers can explore Bratislava Old Town, often referred to as a “Mini-Vienna on the Danube” with its plazas, museums, baroque and gothic palaces while sampling the cafes and the many ethnically diverse restaurants. Bratislava is a city that today rivals Prague for tourism and welcomes over a million visitors a year, many on short stays due to the compactness of the city. This exuberant and energetic multicultural city comfortably caters to every taste through its large range of historical and modern attractions and should be high on every travelers “to do” list.

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