Bory Castle

Jeno Bory spent 40 years building this monumental work of art to symbolize his undying love for his artist wife.

Bory CastleChivalry Lives

Named after its architect and builder, Jeno Bory, who spent the early 20th century erecting this celebration of his fantasies, and his great love for his wife. While Romantic in style, Bory primarily worked with concrete to realize the arched windows, statues, fountains, and arcades. The eclectic mixture of architectural is complimented by art and sculptures in a wide array of styles, coming together to create a tangible celebration of life and love. The steps, walks, hidden passages, rooms, towers and roof walks all contain small hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered. The well-maintained garden with banks and a fountain offer cozy spots to rest, soak up the ambience and contemplate the passion of this modern knight. The view of Szekesfehervar from the top of the towers is priceless and is just one of many reasons to visit this castle.

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