Located on the road between Katowice and Krakov, Bedzin developed into an important market town which flourished thanks to the medieval salt trade.

BedzinPolish market town with unusual castle

It was also of great strategic importance to Poland's rulers, as evinced by the efforts of the delightfully named King Boleslav the Bashful, who added a stone tower and stone foundations to the town's old wooden fortress. Poor Bashful's handiwork was bashed to bits by the Mongols in 1241 however, and it was left to the less calamitous Casimir the Great to give it a more robust upgrade in 1385. It's a charming oddball of a castle, with one big cylindrical tower and one big square one, this odd couple tightly enclosed by the remaining double layer of walls. Major restoration took place in 1956 and a museum was opened which now houses some fascinating collections, notably a history of armaments from the medieval period to World War Two. Islanded in green the castle's locale is the perfect spot for a quiet stroll.

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