South Africa


Home to the world’s largest pineapple, this historic village both quaint and quirky.

Bathurst A Little Bit of Fun

Bathurst was established in 1820 by the British as an administrative center. To this day, the town has the look and feel of an early 19th century village thanks to its well-preserved buildings. For example the, Pig and Whistle Inn, built by a blacksmith from Nottinghamshire, is the oldest extant pub in the country. The sign on the door reading: "Bathurst is a drinking village with a farming problem" is the perfect example of the town’s cheesy humor. It’s also a telling anecdote of the importance of agriculture here. At the Agricultural Museum you’ll find farm implements ranging from an ostrich incubator to a steam engine that was used up until the 1930s. Of course, the most important monument is “The Big Pineapple”. The three story building is a monument and museum dedicated to the fruit that built Bathurst’s economy building, and sells a variety of pineapple products.

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