Baker's Hill

With delicious food, a fun garden, and panoramic views, this Palawan getaway is an amusement park for food-lovers.

Baker's Hill Pastry Paradise

As its name implies, Baker's Hill started as a hilltop bakery surrounded by a small garden. Over the years, the number of offerings has increased, and today there’s a pizza house, snack bar, hula shake, and of course the baker's kitchen that started it all. They’re best known for their hopia, so be sure to come hungry! Along with the many food offerings, the hilltop is crowned with a kitschy statue-filled garden where you can take pictures with a pasty princess and seven vertically challenged men, or an ogre family and their friends: talkative donkey and footwear-wearing cat. There are also some birds to be seen in the garden including Myna, Peahens and Peacocks, and a viewing platform from which you can enjoy panoramic views of Palawan.

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