A perfectly located staging post for exploring the surrounding Rhine Valley area, Bacharach has a quiet magnetism which is difficult to overcome.

Bacharach Utterly charming Rhine Valley town

But why struggle? This historically significant little town has as much to offer as several other Valley towns rolled into one. On a 520 foot crag sits Castle Stahleck, of unknown foundation, though we know it was occupied in the late 11th Century. The emblematic Werner Chapel, a still poetically potent Romantic ruin, is probably the most evocative piece of High Gothic architecture in the area, while the Market Tower is an impressive survivor of the ten which were once part of the town walls. The market place itself is one of the best places to sample a few of the many delightful and lovingly preserved half-timbered houses in the town, such as the ‘Old House’ and the Kurpfalzische Munze, a gold and silver coin mint in the middle ages. Bacharach’s charm seeps underground too. It can be sipped in the form of home-grown wines in the old brick-arched wine cellar of the Winery Stahl.

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