Anagni Cathedral

With its foundations in the root of Christianity, this ancient Cathedral is rich in Medieval art.

Anagni Cathedral Old Gold

The town of Agnani was an early adopter of Christianity, with early records showing a local mistress of Emperor Commodus took a liking to Christians in 2nd century. Just fifty years later, during the persecution under Decius, St. Secondina was martyred at Anagni, and today her relics are interred in the Cathedral crypt. The towns original church was probably built on a pagan sanctuary in 450, while the building we see today was commissioned by Bishop St. Peter of Salerno in 1072. The interior is filled with marvelous medieval works from a 13th century refurbishment, such as the apse's fine marble furnishings from 1263, but the crypt is breathtaking. Centered on the tomb of St. Magnus, along with several other martyrs and saints, every available surface is completely covered in medieval frescoes. Visitors can also see ancient stonework in the lapidarium, or relics in the treasury.

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