Almourol Castle

When Christian forces came across this castle in 1129, no one questioned its origin. Instead, they put it under the watch of the Knights Templar.

Almourol Castle Enigmatic Beauty

Sitting on a stoney island in the middle of the River Tagus, this medieval castle was already known as Almorolan when the Christians arrived to the area in 1129. According to an inscription at the entrance to the castle, its reconstruction work began in 1171 under the oversight of the Knights Templar. It defended the River Targus against a Moorish counterattack along with the castles of Tomar, Zêzere and Cardiga. When the Order of the Knights Templar was disbanded in the 14th century, and the Moorish no longer a threat, the castle was abandoned until the 19th century when it was restored to its present-day appearance. Today, a short boat ride brings visitors to this Templar bastion where they can roam its ramparts and interior, and climb the 5 stories to the top of the castle tower for a birdseye view of the fortifications and the river valley.

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