Alfa Romeo Museum

This historic car maker’s museum in its former factory is a delight for car lovers, and those who appreciate a slice of Italian culture.

Alfa Romeo MuseumFirst Love

On 18 December 1976, Alfa Romeo opened their historic museum in the former Alfa Romeo Arese factory. In 2009, the museum closed for renovations so it could have a new face for the company’s 100th anniversary in 2010. After a brief spell, the museum closed for four more years of renovation, re-opening on June 24 2015, when it unveiled the Alfa Romeo Giulia and new Alfa Romeo logo. Within the museum’s 4,800 square metres, six floors are divided into themes, including the history of Alfa Romeo’s road cars, super-sleek prototypes and dream cars, aircraft and aeronautical projects, as well as scale models and awards.

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