Alcacer do Sal

An important inland port since antiquity, this town is now as peaceful as the waters of the Sado River it’s built along.

Alcacer do SalThe Castle of Salt

After the passage of Greeks, and Phoenicians, the town’s strategic position on the Sado River made it an important port for transporting goods from inland to other Roman occupied areas. Salt production was so important to the city that its name was changed to reflect this. Overlooking the quiet river is a Moorish citadel crowned with 30 towers - one of the greatest defensive positions on the Iberian peninsula. The narrow streets and small staircases leading to the castle bring visitors past some interesting monuments such as the Igreja do Espirito Santo, where King Manuel is thought to have married the Infanta Maria. Inside the medieval castle, the Santa Maria do Castelo church was built on the site of a Pagan temple and a Mosque in the 13th century.

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