This fortified medieval town offers visitors the opportunity to simultaneously enjoy its historic architecture and a modern, UNESCO-listed masterpiece.

Alarcon Gorge-ous Heritage

Though the hilltop town of Alarcón is likely of Iberian and Roman origins, no record of it existed until the Arab occupation. With its strategic position among the gorges overlooking the Jucar river, much of its early history was tied to being a defensive stronghold. However, after the Christian Reconquest, the simple Arab citadel was replaced by the sprawling structure seen today. The medieval walls are still mostly intact, and surround most of the town, though the castle keep is now a hotel. The Plaza Mayor is lined with historic buildings, such as the 16th century church of San Juan Bautista, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to the modern murals of Jesús Mateo. Mateo spent six years filling the church with paintings covering everything from the origins of the Universe, to the human condition.

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