South Africa

Akwaaba Predator Park

Home to the world’s only strawberry leopard, this rescue center allows visitors to see and interact with a variety of exotic cats.


The Akwaaba Predator Park was founded by Mr. Nazeer Cajee, who had wanted to become a vet because of his love for animals, but was unable to to study under the Apartheid regime. So instead, he decided he would start a park to care for predators and other wildlife. Beginning with two lion cubs, the Akwaaba Predator Park is now home to jaguars, cheetahs, black leopards, wild dogs, hyenas, white lions, tigers, and many other animals that have been abused, abandoned, neglected, or injured. Every visit includes a viewing of the predators where you’ll learn about each animal, but optional packages allow for interactions with the animal cubs, cheetahs, and lions. For more information, please visit


CountrySouth Africa
Local time7:27 AM GMT+2
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