Abbey Sulejow

Strong defensive wall was erected to defend this monastery from the Mongol invasion, helping preserve this place of peace.

Abbey SulejowDefending Tranquility

Founded by Casimir the Just in 1176, Sulejów is one of the best preserved Cistercian monasteries in the country. In 1810, the monastery was dissolved and the buildings saw industrial and business use before being reclaimed by the parish. The late Romanesque St Thomas of Canterbury’s Basilica, is distinct for its silhouette, featuring a ridge turret rather than tower. The baroque interior and wall paintings offer a vibrant contrast to the sandstone facade. Along with the church, visitors can also tour the surviving monastery buildings, including part of the east wing of the monastery, with its well-preserved sacristy and chapter house, the defensive walls, which held off the Mongol hordes, the ruins of the west and south wings, the arsenal, outbuildings and the living quarters. The chapter house holds a museum of sacred items, and beautiful gothic cloister.

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