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One of three main command centers for Hitler on the Eastern Front, the long railroad tunnel and smaller bunkers have been converted into a museum.  
Europe’s tallest wooden structure signalled the start of World War II. 
Yet to reach the dizzying tourist heights of Prague and Cesky Krumlov, Olomouc nevertheless has much to offer visitors. 
This UNESCO-listed chateau and sprawling park was the Lichtenstein's holiday home - exactly the kind of extravagance you'd expect from a dynasty with their own country.  
Today’s exciting and dynamic capital of Slovakia is steeped in the history and influence of the Romans, the Celts, and the Slavs and is well-known for its role in Jewish history 
The town of Tata is surrounded by wonderful nature, including imposing large lakes. Many events take place during the summer, making Tata a great pitstop. 
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