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Amberg in Bavaria, Germany boasts the world’s smallest hotel standing at just 8.2 feet — one of a multitude of impressive tourist attractions in the town. 
Bavaria's second largest city and former unofficial capital of the Holy Roman Empire, Nuremberg is a medieval treasure-trove, its ancient haunches settled asquat the Pegnitz river. 
This baroque estate was built by a man with enough wealth and power to influence the election of the Holy Roman Emperor. 
Known as the capital of Germany’s biggest wine producing region, Wurzburg is home to the Residential Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site. 
Johannisburg Chateau dominates the picturesque town of Aschaffenburg in Germany and although close to destroyed in World War II has now been restored to its former glory. 
Heavily influenced by the French Baroque aesthetic, this handsome manor now houses a museum and modern art gallery. 
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