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One of the largest cave systems in Slovakia, the majestic cave formations and underground pools are as impressive as any man-made structure. 
Vlkoklinec is a small village in Central Slovakia where historical traditions, houses, lifestyles, and crafts are still preserved today and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
This medieval, mountaintop bastion once guarded the region’s gateway to the Mediterranean. 
Taking centuries to complete, one of the oldest castles in Moravia stands as a monument to artistic development. 
Much changed for Trebic in 2003, when the St. Procopius´ basilica and the town’s Jewish Quarter were added to the list of UNESCO sites. 
Some cities, as 'Starship' sang, are built on rock 'n' roll but Kutná Hora was built on silver, a more durable substance, and almost as profitable. 
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