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A quiet place for rescued bears and wolves to live out their days. 
Housed in a baroque palace, this ecological museum educates visitors on local Hungarian ecosystem, and the eponymous Count. 
Even after being devastated by a fire in 1917, this town managed to preserve its historic architecture, including some Baroque and Art Nouveau gems. 
Lillafured is a small town set in the gateway to the enchanting Bukk Mountains in Hungary and is home to Lillafured Palace, now known as Hotel Palota. 
The third-largest city in Slovakia, Prešov has a history as wide and varying as it’s people, who are a mix of Slovak, Polish, Ukrainian, and Ruthenian.  
Twelfth-century Spiš Castle in Eastern Slovakia is one of Central Europe’s largest castle complexes and its ruins are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
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