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At the heart of this modern city, visitors will find a historic center that has been preserved through the centuries. 
Nicknamed ‘Neuschwanstein’s little brother’, nineteenth-century Lichtenstein Castle stands an impressive 2600 feet above sea level perched on the edge of the Swabian Alps in Germany. 
Hohle Fels, a cave of outstanding archeological importance, is located in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Swabian Alps in Germany. 
Ulm is a city located on the River Danube that successfully compromises lovingly restored buildings with eye-catching modernity that creates a unique cityscape. 
A Free Imperial City under the Holy Roman Empire, strategically located Augsburg has enjoyed great prosperity and importance as a trading centre over the centuries. 
Opening in 1933 primarily for political prisoners, in its ravenous twelve year existence Dachau swallowed over 200,000 people from all over Europe. 
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