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This UNESCO site was built as a summer palace for the King of Prussia, offering as a retreat from political and social pressures. 
Inspired by developments in Italian and French architecture and English landscape gardening, Prince Leopold III of Anhalt-Dessau began at Worlitz what became the first landscape garden in continental Europe. 
The Buchenwald Memorial is built on the site of the former concentration camp in Germany and honors the thousands who perished there under the Nazis. 
Wartburg Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site whose most famous resident was the reformist Martin Luther, a seminal figure in the sixteenth-century Reformation. 
Regarded as the birthplace of Central European Catholic Christianity, the city of Fulda is home to Fulda Cathedral, the oldest pilgrimage site in Germany. 
This castle’s impressive fortifications weathered 1000 years of strife, making it the only castle along the Rhine to not be captured or destroyed. 
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