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Offering ancient monuments, historic palaces, and raw, natural beauty, this historic area allows visitors to pursue their interests. 
The charming Cabo Vidio sits atop an 80 m cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, and is a perfect stop for nature lovers. 
Cudillero is a small fishing village, lying on the coast of Atlantic Ocean as many other small settlements in the region. However, Cudillero is unique as this village blends charm, authenticity, and history in a stunning combination.  
Fernando Alonso fans, car lovers, and speed enthusiasts will all be racing to see this museum outlining the life of an Asturian Formula One driver. 
Step into the land before time in this dino-footprint shaped museum, home to millions of years of Asturias’ history. 
One of Gaudí’s first buildings, the Marquis of Comillas asked the architect to design him a whimsical summer home. 
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