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Although actually a city in Bavaria, Rosenheim more closely resembles a picture book town with its distinctive alpine charm and sweeping panoramic mountain views. 
A short ferry ride is all it takes to be transported to a world of luxury at Ludwig II’s Versailles-inspired island palace. 
When approaching the Alpine town of Kufstein in Austria, there is one landmark that can be seen for miles around and is impossible to miss – The Kufstein Fortress. 
Experience time travel back to the Middle Ages in the magical thirteenth-century hilltop Tratzberg Castle that still retains its original furniture and period pieces. 
The cozy city of Schwaz lies in the Austrian Tyrol and has retained its medieval style through careful restoration of buildings from the silver mining heyday. 
Hall in Tirol is undoubtedly one of Austria’s most picturesque towns and provides the perfect balance of urban chic, natural beauty, and historic buildings. 
Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria is everyone’s fantasy castle. It’s the fairytale image that springs to mind at the mention of the word ‘castle’. 
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