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This beautiful medieval abbey is the second-oldest Cistercian monastery and the oldest continuously active monastery in the world today and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
Located on a small arm of Strauss' 'Beautiful Blue Danube' Melk's history goes back to Roman times and still retains an imperial air. 
A forced labour camp for intellectuals, artists, aristocrats and political enemies of the Nazi Regime, Mauthausen is the Concentration Camp you won't have read about in history books. 
When every view feels like it should be on a postcard, it can sometimes be hard to believe that what you see is real. 
UNESCO-listed Salzburg ranks among the most prestigious cities in Europe, is the birthplace of Mozart and provided the setting for the classic musical, ‘The Sound of Music’. 
For the young and young-at-heart, this 25455 square meter Dream Factory is part toy museum, part unbridled joy. 
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