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Google “Most Beautiful Castle in the Czech Republic” and this thirteenth-century gem that lies close to the town of České Budějovice is certain to appear 
Taking its name from the German for 'crooked meadow' Český Krumlov is a perfectly preserved medieval town set within the tightly embracing meanders of the Vltava river. 
A forced labour camp for intellectuals, artists, aristocrats and political enemies of the Nazi Regime, Mauthausen is the Concentration Camp you won't have read about in history books. 
When every view feels like it should be on a postcard, it can sometimes be hard to believe that what you see is real. 
This idyllic alpine village is a treasured escape for rulers and nature lovers.  
A peaceful resort town full of Slovenian charm and culture in every season. Enclosed by mountains, it is only fitting that Kranjska Gora is home to Slovenia's best ski resort. 
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This trip takes 7 hours and 34 minutes and costs €463 in total for 2 passengers.