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Potsdam was the pre-World War I residence of Prussian Kings and German Kaisers and is home to Germany's largest UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
In Germany’s oldest chocolate factory, the company’s history and passion for chocolate come to life. 
Like Berlin, this German village was bisected by a wall, separating East and West, part of which still stands as part of a political museum. 
Visitors expecting a city that solely caters for Wagner devotees are in for a pleasant surprise in this Bavarian municipality engulfed in cultural richness. 
Bavaria's second largest city and former unofficial capital of the Holy Roman Empire, Nuremberg is a medieval treasure-trove, its ancient haunches settled asquat the Pegnitz river. 
Opening in 1933 primarily for political prisoners, in its ravenous twelve year existence Dachau swallowed over 200,000 people from all over Europe. 
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