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'Lentia', the Roman name for this river-straddling town means 'change of course' and this Europe's Capital of Culture has done just that. 
A forced labour camp for intellectuals, artists, aristocrats and political enemies of the Nazi Regime, Mauthausen is the Concentration Camp you won't have read about in history books. 
Located on a small arm of Strauss' 'Beautiful Blue Danube' this quiet town still retains an imperial air. 
This medieval town on the banks of the Danube is renowned for its historic charms and wine-growing tradition. 
Until the Thirty Years War Kreuzenstein had never been conquered. It then fell into the hands of the Swedes, who, leaving with a bang, reduced much of it rubble. 
Nestled on the banks of the River Danube, the town of Klosterneuberg is a favorite among Vienna’s A-listers — and with good reason. 
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