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Visitors to Mlada Boleslav in the Czech Republic are greeted by images of cars on the sides of high-rise buildings, which means you’re in Skoda town. 
Sychrov Castle in Bohemia is a unique example of a late nineteenth-century neo-gothic chateau style castle and is surrounded by an English-style park. 
The fifth largest city in the Czech Republic, Liberec is situated on the Lusatian Neisse River and surrounded by the picturesque Jizera Mountains. 
The most easterly town in Germany and for many, the most beautiful, Gorlitz survived World War II with barely a scratch and a fully intact architectural center. 
One of the three historical capitals of Poland, Wroclaw offers all the modern amenities in a centuries old city. 
Poland’s third largest city started as a small medieval village and experienced an industrial boom, but it's best known for its World War II ghetto. 
An unadulterated Baroque palace bursting with hundreds of years of noble history. 
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