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Lake Braies, situated at the foot of Croda del Becco in South Tyrol, Italy, is a tranquil haven for nature lovers. 
The major highlight in Villabassa is its massive 12 acre park which houses the Kurpark spa complex and mountains of fun! 
The Lienz area has been settled since the Bronze Age, and history's tides have left rich markings in this Alpine town sited at the confluence of three rivers. 
They were copper-mining here in the Bronze Age, now this small but beautifully-formed town is reliant on tourism for its living. Luckily it has much to offer. 
Referred to as ‘World of the Ice Giants’ in German, the Werfen Ice caves are a natural wonder that can only be experienced in Austria. 
This picturesque town owes its charms to its “white gold” salt mines, which were once the source of Salzburg’s wealth. 
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