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With the greater part of the Czech Tourism Industry focused on distant centuries it's important to be aware how profoundly the horrors of the Twentieth Century marked the country. 
There're no shortages of 'fairy-tale' castles in the Czech Republic, but if Konopištĕ is to be included among this trite category it should be noted that its 'fairy tale' is one of the darkest of all. 
If you could choose a town to find yourself lost in, then Tabor with its maze of charming alleyways would be high on any list. 
Červená Lhota gets its name from the red plaster with which this highly picturesque building was remodelled in the late Sixteenth Century. 
Founded in 1144 and destroyed during the Thirty Years' War, the abbey attained its current Baroque splendour under the tutelage of artistically-aware abbotts in the late Seventeenth and early Eighteenth centuries. 
Until the Thirty Years War Kreuzenstein had never been conquered. It then fell into the hands of the Swedes, who, leaving with a bang, left much of it rubble. 
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