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Tapolca Lake Cave is a strictly protected cave beneath the streets of Hungary. It offers a unique underground boat trip on the illuminated, blue waters of the underground lake. 
Housed in the Nádasdy Castle in the heart of Sárvár, the Ference Nádasdy Museum features a series of must-see permanent and temporary exhibitions. 
Sopron lies in Hungary close to the Austrian border at the foot of the Alps and with its friendly inhabitants, is known as the town of loyalty and freedom. 
Joseph Haydn described Eisenstadt as “Glorious seclusion: Free of influences, I can be truly original here” when serving at the court of the Esterhazy noble family. 
Franzenburg Castle sits on an island in a lake in the park grounds and is the most impressive structure in the Austrian Laxenburg Castle complex. 
Constructed by the Liechtenstein dynasty’s founder around 1130, the castle passed into the hands of other nobility and was only reacquired by the dynasty in 1807. 
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