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All of the village men were slaughtered, their women and children were sent to concentration camps and the entire village wiped off the map. 
Currently owned by a descendent of the castle’s original founder, Český Šternberk is a classic example of a gothic bohemian castle. 
Much changed for Trebic in 2003, when the St. Procopius´ basilica and the town’s Jewish Quarter were added to the list of UNESCO sites. 
The Czech Republic’s second city has come a long way since it first sprang up in the eleventh-century and today is a colorful, thriving and vibrant twenty-first century metropolis 
Vlkoklinec is a small village in Central Slovakia where historical traditions, houses, lifestyles, and crafts are still preserved today and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
One of the largest cave systems in Slovakia, the majestic cave formations and underground pools are as impressive as any man-made structure. 
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