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Baradla Cave is the largest of the 84 caves in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Aggtelek Karst in Hungary that stretches into Slovakia. 
Ochtinska is one of only three aragonite caves found in the world today and this 1,000 feet long geological marvel is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
Zdiar sits at the base of the High Tatra mountains in Slovakia and is a distinctive village with typical traditions, customs, folklore, and culture. 
First mentioned in the 17th century, the town of Zakopane has gradually evolved into the region's health resort and Poland's best-known mountain resort. 
With over a million pilgrims per year, this UNESCO-listed park is one of Poland's most popular devotional centres and one of Europe's most interesting landscape and architectural projects. 
The legendary thirteenth-century Wieliczka salt mine is one of Poland’s largest tourist attractions and is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
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