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Brixen is located in south Tyrol in northern Italy. A bishop's seat since 901, this Baroque town is the artistic and cultural capital of the valley. 
Trostburg Castle, one of the most famous and majestic castles in South Tyrol, houses a permanent exhibition of over 80 historical models of South Tyrolean castles. 
The city of Bolzano is located in northern Italy on the border with Switzerland and Austria. It blends northern European and Mediterranean culture to form an eclectic bond. 
Located in northern Italy along Lake Garda’s eastern shore, the village of Malcesine is considered one of the most appealing settlements on the entire lake. 
Verona is a center for the arts but it is famously known as the backdrop to Shakespeare's most memorable play, the ill-fated lovers of Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet. 
The Soave Castle is located in the province of Verona in the small town of Soave. This medieval military artifact represents one of the best examples of castle architecture in Veneto. 
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