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The small town of Lorsch situated on the Rhine is famed for its UNESCO-listed abbey and monumental gatehouse that are a rare architectural legacy. 
The village of Messel in Germany is home to the Messel Pit, the UNESCO World Heritage site that contains an abundance of fossils. 
Johannisburg Chateau dominates the picturesque town of Aschaffenburg in Germany and although close to destroyed in World War II has now been restored to its former glory. 
Known as the capital of Germany’s biggest wine producing region, Wurzburg is home to the Residential Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site. 
Surrounded by fortified walls and filled with colorful half-timbered houses, this charming market town looks much like it did in the 15th century. 
The town of Bamberg is located in Bavaria, Germany and became a listed UNESCO world heritage site in 1993 
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