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The village of Messel in Germany is home to the Messel Pit, the UNESCO World Heritage site that contains an abundance of fossils. 
The small town of Lorsch situated on the Rhine is famed for its UNESCO-listed abbey and monumental gatehouse that are a rare architectural legacy. 
The university city of Heidelberg with its dazzling setting on the Neckar River, historical flair, and modern day dynamism attracts close to 12 million visitors a year. 
Founded by the Romans Speyer is one of Germany’s oldest cities, its dominating landmark the 11th century Cathedral, a UNESCO World heritage site. 
With its abundance of museums, picturesque old town, and thriving cultural scene, this ancient city has something for every aesthete. 
The UNESCO protected Old Town of Switzerland’s capital shelters historic architecture, as well as one of Europe’s longest covered shopping promenades. 
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