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According to legend, a centuries old ceremony use to require soon-to-be brides to jump the ravine of the Palancia River to prove the couple’s love. 
With its UNESCO listed architecture and rich history, this provincial capital is a cultural icon. 
One of the birthplaces of Mudejar architecture, the city is still overflowing with examples of this distinct architectural style, earning it a place on the UNESCO list. 
Located at an important crossing with the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage and the much-disputed borders of the Iberian kingdoms, Logroño became one of the region’s most important urban centres of the Middle Ages. 
For thousands of years, salt has been mined in the bed of this dried-up Triassic sea, the progression of which has been preserved to this day. 
The Basque community’s capital boasts the best preserved medieval center without the usual tourist traps. 
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